What are parents saying about Dr. Petty's personalized care!

" Dr. Tiffany Petty has a heart of compassion for those whom she treat under her care as a Pediatrician. Dr. Petty is a very knowledgeable Pediatrician and she knows how to calm your anxiety concerning your child. Jakayla had been to 3 other pediatricians for the same symptoms. Dr. Petty treated the symptoms and offered recommendations concerning other things she was aware of during her observation of my daughter that were being overlooked. I highly admire her for consistency in checking on us after the visit and concern for those under her care. Due to how she cared for my child, my child now has the desire of being a Pediatrician just like Dr. Petty."

— J. Morgan

“All superheroes don’t wear capes, for my superhero wears a white coat. Having constant aching back pain that radiated down my lower limbs at the young age of fifteen, I was informed that it was just growing pains. It was not until becoming Dr. Petty’s patient that my condition was diagnosed and a treatment plan was curated. Dr. Petty did not give up on me; the pediatricians that I had seen before never empathized with my pain; they failed to respond to my inquisition. Dr. Petty, however, performed thorough assessments and answered any questions that my parents and I presented. Her positive attitude and nurturing aura allowed me to remove the fear I once had of doctor visits and instead to find interest in them. Not only did the way Dr. Petty care for her patients influence me to follow in her professional footsteps but also how involved she was with her patients further prompted me to identifying my career choice. Seeing her dedication to helping sick children feel better, I felt her impact. I desire to do the same as she did for me and care for the future generations to come! From our very first visit to present day, Dr. Petty continues to motivate me to cross the finish line!”

— S. Anthony

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